HD 5514: Research Methods (CRN: 85161)

Lecture (Graduate), Virginia Tech, Human Development and Family Science, 2019

Course Description: Introductory course in research methodology for the social sciences: formulation of a research problem, design, sampling, data collection, measurement, data analysis, interpretation, and writing the research report.


W1: Course Overivew & Exploring Statistics

W2: Producing Data

W3: Distributions

W4: Relationships

W5 & W6: Probability

W7: Inference for Proportion

W8: Inference for Means

W9: Midterm Exam

W10: Use of Inference

W11: Analysis of Two-Way Tables (R & HW7)

W12: Inference for Regression (R & HW8)

W13: Multiple Regression (R & HW9)

W14: Thanksgiving

W15: One-Way Analysis of Variance (R & HW10)

W16: Two-Way Analysis of Variance

W17: Final Exam